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Damiana - highly valued as an excellent strengthening tonic for the nervous system and to support recovery from exhaustion.  Traditionally prescribed to both men and women to enhance libido

Gotu Kola - an Ayurvedic herb commonly used for mental and physical fatigue.  Gotu kola is known to improve circulation to the legs and helpful for cramps and restless legs.  Gotu Kola may be helpful for cellulitis and varicose veins due to its antifibrotic action

Panax & Siberian Ginseng -  supports the whole body in adapting to stress. Gingseng enhances stamina especially when undergoing extreme mental or physical stress or exertion. Ginseng is used by athletes and gym users to heighten endurance and delay fatigue by supporting muscles to use energy more effectively

Ginger - ginger promotes rapid transportation and increased absorption of other herbals and is traditionally used to ease cramping and optimise digestive function

Cayenne - valued for its ability to strengthen and equalize the heart, arteries and capillaries.  Cayenne is a metabolic and circulatory stimulant and supports better digestion when digestive function has been weakened.

Guarana - promotes energy levels and overall vitality and has been demonstrated to build stamina

Lemon Balm for herpes lesions is the most commonly prescribed herb by herbalists.  Lemon balm relieves tension, stress, aches and pains and the antiviral action of lemon balm is useful for applying directly to cold sores and various skin issues. Lemon Balm essential oil is found in our natural lubricating serum.  Our lubricating serum can be used on the face to lubricate, dabbed on skin eruptions and irritations, or applied to the genital area pre or during sexual activty

NZ Native Haraekehe - commonly called NZ Aloe Vera, sharing many of the same applications as Aloe Vera including the ability to promote natural healing for slow to heal skin, sores and wounds.  We have included Harekehe NZ native flax gel in our lubricating serum for its suitability both as a natural face serum and for effective use as a personal lubricant for both the face and the genital area

Oxygenated Colloidal Silver - natures traditional germ buster, colloidal silver has an impressive history of use and is suitable for external and internal use for both pets and people

Hops - the mild sedating and hynotic action of hops, promote better sleep patterns and helps reduce 'panicky' feelings.  Traditionally hops was prescribed as a natural medicine for nervousness, anxiety and headaches caused through hormonal or nervous tension.  When restless and at 'loose-ends',  hops is the natural remedy to help you settle.   Mums Calming Drops contains hops

Wild Yam, Chaste tree, Black Cohosh - natures traditional hormone balancing support herbals are commonly prescribed for menstrual cycle irregularities, hormone driven stress and mood swings, fluctuating libido, pre and post change of life symptoms, painful ovulation and as a uterine tonic.  Wild yam progesterone precurser herb is found in our serum and our Bring back My Mojo kit

Motherwort - a valuable nerve tonic that supports hormone balance in woman and particularly hormone nervousness and stress

Evening Primrose/NZ Flaxseed Oil Capsules - vegetable Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids (EFA's & GLA's) know to help regulate adrenal glands and thyroid gland, brain and skin health maintenance, anti-inflammatory action, assists absorption of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, stimulates brown fat so may have a valuable role in weight loss and management (Dr Horrobin Montreal research) and supports hormone health

Vitamin B Complex with Magnesium and Taurine - natural tranquilizing blend to imp[rove relaxation and sleep, healthy muscle tone and bones, essential nutrients for heart health, helps body maintain pH balance, detoxification, nervous system function utrients, healthy eyes, skin and hair and much more...

Ginkgo or Gingko as it is commonly spelt - memory enhancer as it promotes better blood flow to the brain, traditionally used for circulation problems, ringing in ears, headaches, dizziness, keeping blood cells healthy and helping reduce stickness in blood.  Gingko helps recovery from strokes and Gingko is recommended for stroke prevention by many herbalists and Naturopaths,  Gingko is commonly use for asthma in China

Organic Barley Grass Leaf - is known as 'the superfood'. Barley grass leaf is an amazing source of Chlorophyll.  Cholorophyll supports elimination of toxins and chemicals by binding with carcinogens in the digestive tract to inhibit their bio-availability. Barley grass contains most vitamins and minerals. Barley grass is rich in energy promoting amino acids, Vitamin C, E, B complex, folic acid, life giving enzymes and beta-carotene

Pectin - helps keep pollutants, chemicals and toxins from assimilating.  Pectin is an insoluable fibre that becomes gel-like and this in turn help bind toxins and heavy metals which can then be effectively eliminated through the bowel

Flaxfibre - a natural mucilage laxative that absorbs water and supports better colon health.  Flaxfibre contains 100% more lignan (anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/antiviral) properties that wheat bran.  Soluable fibre lowers blood levels of fats and cholesterol which helps reduce intestinal toxicity and helps stabilize blood sugar levels

Chia seeds - these nutritious seeds contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids (64%) and can be stored for longer periods of time than most oils due to the antixodiants.  Antioxidants include the anti-inflammatory, antihistamine flavonoid called quercetin.  Chia seeds contain magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous and amino acids

Psyllium - constipation relieving phsyllium soften stools and is commonly prescribed for many colon disorders including irritable bowel.  Psyllium binds the cholesterol-rich bile so the cholesterol is then drawn from the blood stream


The individual products in each kit can be reordered separately if desired.

Kit will last for between 1-3 months depending on which products are in your kit.